Vidcare Innovations Have Started Work On A Medical Testing Platform For Surveillance Of Diseases To Prevent Spread Of Infections During Outbreaks (SLP Pune, 2019)

Rohan Aggarwal’s Vidcare is a point of care diagnostics startup working towards improvement of healthcare accessibility for people especially in resource limited settings. Currently, they are focusing on the development of hypothyroidism (TSH) screening & monitoring test for pregnant women in resource limited settings. The solution device is an easy to use blood diagnostics device that can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The device is a pocket-size instrument-free quantitative immunoassay device, suitable for use by healthcare workers in remote areas, to help prevent several maternal, fetal and neonatal complications. Vidcare is incubated at National Chemical Laboratory's Venture Center at Pune, India and is primarily funded by BIRAC, Govt. Of India & IIGP 2.0.

Viruses that were once present in only a few parts of the world are now spreading. On an average every year the world is facing either a novel or re-emergence of viral outbreaks, claiming a huge toll on human life. Surveillance of such infections is important for preventing epidemics and pandemics. Unfortunately, existing solutions such as molecular assays are labor-intensive, expensive and are unsuitable in resource limited settings, limiting usage for this purpose. Hence, we at Vidcare Innovations, are now working on a medical testing platform for surveillance of diseases to prevent spread of infections during outbreaks.


April 2020