Help Frame Initiative by SLP Fellow Linara Mulukova-Bozieva (Moscow, 2016)

Start a new social movement to help each other in the uncertain and difficult times we all are facing.

Use the photo frames for FB, created by Linara that you can add to your profile pictures:

⁃ Red - Need help – if you need any help: from money and goods to a piece of advice or casual talk.

⁃ Green - Ready to help – if you are ready to offer your help (time, money, ideas and experience).

⁃ Yellow - Can help later – if you would like to help but later: i.e. you are already helping someone and don’t have any capability now but will possibly have it in the future. This flag can be used so that other people knew they could discuss their needs with you.

This will help people in need and people ready to give help be able to connect with each other with just one glance at our friend lists.

How to use the frames:

To add a frame to your Page's profile picture:

Go to

Click your profile picture in the bottom left and select your Page.

Choose the frame you want to use from the results on the left.

Click Use as Profile Picture.

May 2020