Pooja Rai’s Anthill Creations (Build Low Cost And Sustainable Playscapes By Upcycling Waste Material; SLP Bangalore, 2015) Utilizes 100 Million Tires Discarded in India Every Year to Design Colorful Playgrounds for Schools

Anthill Creations is a not-for-profit organisation bringing back play to children by mobilising the communities to build low cost and sustainable playscapes by upcycling waste material like scrap tyres and oil drums. The team of architects from IIT Kharagpur are building playscapes across 16 states. These playgrounds are sustainable & DIY and can be built in just 4 days with community participation. 


Anthill Creations has built 283 different play spaces using almost nothing but painted tires. Located in Bengaluru, most of the play spaces she designs feature large tire sculptures of cars, buildings, or animals, paired with more classic elements of swings, seesaws, and jungle gyms. So far she has helped over 10,000 children!


Pooja also wants to revitalise public spaces not only for kids but also for the whole community to use.According to her, unused spaces, streetscapes, parks, and public plazas can become hubs for community interactions if properly planned. By reclaiming these spaces and building them with recycled materials, her organization wants to create sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

Website: http://anthillcreations.org/