Clean in Quarantine with Nurture India (SLP Mumbai & Delhi, 2019)

Pratima Singa and Somya Suresh’s Clean in Quarantine campaign is all about connecting with and educating people to responsibly dispose of non-biodegradables since effectively only 50% waste gets recycled and rest is dumped in landfills.  

If you’re cleaning your house and have products that you no longer wish to keep, they request you to not discard them or just dump them in the garbage/ dustbin. They wish to take this opportunity to take back your waste and reuse, recycle and responsibly dispose these off, while giving you the chance to earn loyalty points that can be redeemed on a purchase.

Type of wastes that they will accept: Ceramic, glass, metal waste, e-waste, textile waste, packaging waste, plastic waste and other non biodegradable waste. 

Location: They are currently trying to service all metro cities in India. 

Nurture India wants and urges you to be a part of their #CleanInQuarantine campaign. Write to or +91 9137736908 with your name, locality and city or send a DM on their Instagram and we will get in touch with you to collect your pre-loved goods.

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