3DOR SimulationsFounder: Amir Fishman

Bann Industrial and Manufacturing CompanyFounder: Arda Onal

FECO biotechnologyFounder: Huiju Chen (Judy)

Igneet.comFounder: Benjamin Duban

Project Management Tools

InstaCarma.comFounder: Arun Narayanan

InstaCarma is a solution provider in internet marketing, DevOps, design and developments.

Quanticare TechnologiesFounder: Philip Goebel

Sampling ResearchFounder: Shikha Suman

We are an international research & management consulting firm, based in India, providing end-to-end workable strategy solutions and implementation assistance to our clients, across the globe. We assist our clients - business and government institutions, in understanding the Indian market and succeeding in their business, trade and investments in India. We help you grow your business through research projects that answer your most important strategic questions and make a commercial impact.We provide a wide-range of services to our clients, enabling them leverage the India Advantage. From consulting and defining strategies to providing assistance in implementation of the same, we do it all for our clients. We provide comprehensive Industrial & Business Research, Business Intelligence, India Entry Strategy, Social Research and Analytics services to government organizations, NGOs, corporate houses and market research providers across the globe. We partner with your organizations by designing and implementing a spectrum of research solutions that meet your business needs. Using our expertise in conceptualizing, designing and implementing end-to-end research and analytics solutions in a variety of business contexts, we help your organizations harness their potential and manage their growth.

Skills for Life FoundationFounder: Gurleen Kaur

Startup PilotsFounder: Charles Douglas-Osborn

Startup Pilots is a site for people to submit their startup ideas and see them built by the founder, Charles Douglas-Osborn.

10BioSystemsFounder: Sebastian Jayaraj

Providing software products and consulting services to hospitals, to hospitals, research institutions and biotech/biofuel companies.

11/11Founder: Vishal Joseph

11/11 is a social network for professionals in the creative industry. It is where you can build a network of connections to help you grow professionally in the creative space. Soon to launch Beta for the Music Industry.

1healthy.worldFounder: Seth Halpern

1KEFounder: Lynn Ling

1minuteFounder: Alexey Melnichek

A marketplace where users perform simple actions requested by advertisers, in return for donations to charities of their choosing.

2020 BioventuresFounder: Vani Velamoor

Developing novel and transformative biodegradable, sustained-release microparticle technologies to deliver a encapsulated small molecule drugs, proteins and biologics, to virtually any site in the body. Focus on rare and ultra rare diseases.