Iotfy Covered By The Hindu For Launching Iot-uvc Technology For Disinfecting Delivery Bags (SLP Delhi, 2013)

Shivam Dikshit’s Iotfy is an IoT & AI Cloud Suite and has recently announced the launch of its IoT-UVC technology meant to sanitize delivery bags for safer home deliveries during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The delivery bags are the company's IoT and multi-focal UVC technology-based solution that is meant to enable power food-tech companies, online brands and delivery companies to make the home delivery of food, products, and packages “Corona-safe.”

This technology can be integrated with delivery bags to disinfect them before delivery using UVC technology. The government earlier this month had launched a sanitisation cabinet using similar technology that enabled contactless sanitization of electronic gadgets and currency notes.

For the IoT-UVC technology-enabled delivery bags, users can begin the disinfection process with SDK and API integration on the mobile app of the online brand or food delivery company.

The UVC technology used to disinfect the package in the delivery bags can be operated from a mobile app. The sanitization process can be initiated using a “Start UV Disinfection” button.

The disinfection process can be started by the end-user before accepting the delivery through the app of the online brand or food delivery company.

The process can also be carried out by the delivery agent on their way to making the home delivery. This can also be done through the mobile app.

The delivery persons will need to keep their mobile hotspots turned on, for the sterilization process using the UVC tech. The hardware used by the tech can be powered by a 5V/2A power bank that are easier to carry.

A fully charged 10000 mAh power bank can perform sterilization cycles for up to 60 deliveries, the company said. The UVC exposure will stop automatically as soon as the bag is opened.

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