Irfan ッ Khan’s Hypermine Wins at Starfleet India; Raising $140K (SLP Bangalore, 2016)

provides a decentralized identity management solution enabled with a single-sign-on. In its essence, Hypermine uses the underlying protocol to validate a digital signature produced by a standard blockchain algorithm in a mobile device using authentication service which is a smart-contract deployed on a blockchain. It does not rely on a central authority; it, therefore, provides a completely decentralized environment for identity management.

Hypermine envisions a world where privacy is a fundamental right, where people are given true ownership of their data.

The Starfleet India Accelerator is part of the Aeternity Starfleet programm and has picked up three Indian blockchain startups - Hypermine among them, and is providing seed funding for their projects from AE Ventures, CV Labs, and Woodstock funds. Aeternity Starfleet is a global accelerator programme that has made investments totalling $2.1 million in over 15 startups globally.

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