LUCA Venture Launches a Global Social Funding Platform

By: Mitali Mathur

Your Contribution. Your Reward.



Founded by Christopher Fung, the co-program leader for the Shanghai Chapter(2013-2014), LUCA is a new and a very different kind of venture which brings about change by combining the power of foreign exchange and crowdfunding. With a passion for social equity, LUCA’s vision is to empower the world with adequate and equal access to health and education. It sources capital from small investors everywhere through a high-yield forex portfolio, and then invests in entrepreneurs with businesses that have a powerful social impact.


Backed by a team of successful entrepreneurs, VCs, engineers, marketers and finance experts, LUCA provides funding and support to companies at any stage of growth. It provides a complete pro-bono marketing and crowdfunding service and aims to form a long-term relationship with all its entrepreneurs, wherein it mentors them and helps them with their businesses. It’s like a lifetime campaign with the additional benefits of mentorship and resources that come with any traditional VC. Continuously backed by crowdfunders, LUCA operates with a “true evergreen” fund and therefore has the resources to continually invest in new entrepreneurs and stay engaged with previous ones.

Bite Sized and Lucrative-People can make small investments as per their convenience and receive periodic notifications of high returns as their equity grows.

Helping Entrepreneurs- As crowdfunded creators, LUCA funds innovative minds and technology and dedicated teams. It enjoys transnational resources and international mentorship as it shares a global resource network with venture funds and accelerators. LUCA provides strong support to its entrepreneurs in terms of product innovation, talent management, marketing strategy etc. It encourages and enables its companies to share capabilities, cross-pollinate and help in each other’s growth.

Global Social Impact- LUCA gives priority to organisations specializing in Primary health care, connectivity and communication, experiential learning and Civil Empowerment.