Cultured Coffee: Afineur Product Launch

Camille Delebecque, SLP Paris Program Team 2012, has launched Cultured Coffee as his startup Afineur’s first product along with partner Sophie Deterre.

Cultured Coffee prides itself in using natural controlled fermentations just before roasting to craft its incredible flavor profile.The result is a pour over coffee that “targets the bitterness and astringency to minimize these in order to let the more fragrant characteristics of specific coffees shine through and ultimately, produce a coffee that is not only easy on the stomach but is also more fruity, aromatic and less bitter than traditional brews. “The idea is simple: revolutionize coffee by using hand-picked natural fermentations to uncover new incredible flavors, but also inspire a new revolution in food by showing that teaming-up with microorganisms can do wonders”, writes Camille.

Visit their prelaunch site here and support Camille towards their anticipated launch in December 2015.