Alex Shashou’s ALICE featured in Ozy! (SLP New York, 2014)

ALICE is a technological effort to how hotels manage and deliver services while creating a better experience for guests. So far, 30 hotel groups have signed up, and the system’s up and running at famous luxury hangouts like the Setai in Miami Beach and Zetta in San Francisco. Alex, who created the program, is aiming to be in 100 hotels by year’s end, which may just enough so that the startup might actually break even. While Shashou has benefited from ALICE’s promising start, he’ll still have to prove it’s the solution the hotel industry needs — and he’s up against some stiff competition. Shashou, who graduated from Wharton, almost missed checking into the startup world entirely--an extended stay in China with his roommate was what inspired him to set up this hotel tech.You can read the entire Ozy article here. Connect with Alex at

(Tushar Gidwani, SLP Intern)