AOL acquires NITO!!!

Obi Onyejekwe lives by the motto : Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. He founded a clothing line and co-founded a production company called Pixel Pirate Studio. His latest venture NITO was most recently acquired by AOL. NITO is a unique virtual portal that enables smartphone and tablet users to video-chat with friends as 3D avatar who match the user's movement and facial expressions. Congratulations Ori for this stellar achievement. You have made the SLP community very proud. He is currently working on his next start-up called Oomi. Its a SaaS for animators and content creators that syncs mouth poses to voiceover recordings. This allows users to create content 30% to 70% faster and cheaper. He is looking for a business co-founder. Attached is the job description. Please contact Ori if interested.

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