Kazuhiro Shimmura meets Tokyo Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as SLP representative (SLP Tokyo, 2014)

SLP Tokyo Fellow and Program Leader Kazuhiro Shimmura got invited and met Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as SLP Tokyo representative at the 'Meeting with the Prime Minister and Workers to Exchange Views on Work Style Reform' event on October 19, 2016. 

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe addressed that work style reform is one of his top priority issue since it is the key to improve productivity, which leads to economic growth, social security stability and solutions to the aging and decreasing population in Japan.

In response to the Prime Minister, Kazuhiro pointed out the importance on breaking the traditional rigid employment system that traps workers in large corporations. At the personal level, talented and young people tend to choose and continue working with a large corporation partly because they simply don’t know other opportunities including having careers as an entrepreneur and working with ventures.

At the organisational level, he suggested the more large corporations merge and acquire ventures, the more mobility of employees companies will have. This will increase employee’s exposure to diverse careers and work styles. He concluded that these actions would fulfil individual satisfactions and increase the productivity of the industry as a whole. Congratulations Kazuhiro on this amazing achievement!

Congratulations Kazuhiro on this amazing achievement!