Tomás Barros Froes launches Kencko (SLP Shanghai, 2014)

Founder of Scioko, a hot dog diner based on handmade sausages, and FROSTIMO, European frozen desserts & snacks for Asian market, Tomás Barros Froes has recently founded and launched Kencko, a place for instant organic fruit and veg drink. Kencko is focused on helping consumer keep up with the recommended 5-10 daily servings of fruits and veg. He founded this company after he was diagnosed with acute gastritis and doctors told him to take pills for the rest of his life. It is a New York-based startup with international team members from Portugal, France and China. They beta launched last summer with 2,000+ users participating in product development that took 24 months. They recently received funding from a group of a number of CPG & Spotify executives. Kencko donates a number of packets with every purchase.

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