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We would like to thank our sponsors for the support they have shown us throughout the development of SLP.

Microsoft Taiwan

They are one of the very few companies in the industry with a true ―multi-core business with significant product presence in such diverse segments as Desktop, Business Applications, Servers, Tools, Entertainment, Devices and Online Services.

PWC Taiwan

PWC customises and establishes a full suite of services, products and resources tailored to your needs.

Academia Sinica Creative Entrepreneurship Network and Tech Transfer

The Academia Sinica, headquartered in the Nangang District of Taipei, is the national academy of Taiwan.

Garage+ @ Epoch Foundation

The Epoch Foundation works to reach its goals in three directional branches: 1. Top-notched Institutes Liaison Services. 2. Future Trends of Industrial Development. 3. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taiwan Tech was established in 1974, as the first and the leading higher education institution of its kind within Taiwan's technical and vocational education system.